Forensic Accounting Austin Texas


What is Forensic Accounting?

Forensic accounting is a specialized field that uses accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to investigate and examine financial statements and records to uncover irregularities or fraudulent activities and identify and analyze financial data patterns, providing valuable insights to legal professionals, companies, insurance companies/TPAS, and individuals.

How Sage Investigations Can Help

Sage Investigations specializes in forensic accounting Austin Texas and is an expert in identifying financial crimes and fraud, including money laundering, embezzlement, insurance fraud, or proving someone’s innocence. We work alongside legal professionals to conduct financial investigations. We have various techniques and tools to identify and analyze financial data, including tracing financial transactions, analyzing financial records, and preparing reports that can be used in criminal and civil legal proceedings. We utilize our proprietary technology, DIO.

Forensic accounting can benefit a wide range of companies and individuals, including:

  1. Companies: Companies use forensic accounting to detect and prevent fraudulent activities by employees or third parties. Forensic accounting can help companies identify the root cause of financial irregularities and take appropriate action, such as terminating or prosecuting employees or implementing preventive measures to avoid future financial crimes. See case studies
  2. Legal professionals: Forensic accounting can provide critical support to legal professionals through litigation support. Forensic accountants can assist in building cases, analyzing financial statements and transactions, and providing expert testimony in court.
  3. Insurance companies/TPAs: Forensic accounting is frequently used by insurance companies to investigate claims filed by individuals and companies. Forensic accountants can help insurance companies determine claims’ validity, locate hidden assets, and identify fraudulent activities.

Case Study: 

A new coastal restaurant and bar operator filed a lawsuit and submitted a claim for $550,000 for a loss of revenue, inventory, cost of goods sold, and retail store sales because improper construction caused them to shut down. The contractor’s insurance company hired Sage Investigations to provide forensic accounting Austin Texas, and from an examination of the books and records provided, it was determined that the loss was half of what was claimed.

  1. Individuals: Forensic accounting can benefit individuals victimized by financial crimes, such as embezzlement or investment fraud. Forensic accountants can provide expert testimony in court. Forensic accounting can perform tracing to determine separate and community property to help individuals going through a divorce obtain the settlement they deserve.

When you need forensic accounting Austin Texas, Sage Investigations is your company. We have the experience, skillset, education, and technology and are an expert witness to testify on your behalf.

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