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Inside IRS Knowledge that Will Help You When Dealing With IRS Criminal Issues

When it comes to the civil and criminal procedures of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for income tax matters, money laundering matters (18 USC 1956 and 1957), Form 8300 violations (26 USC 6050I) and Structuring (31 USC 5324), Sage Investigations is your best ally. With over 25 years as an IRS Special Agent, we know the ins and outs of the IRS and have the experience and expertise necessary to efficiently and effectively follow the money in complex financial investigations. We have the means to help analyze financial data faster and less expensive, which will allow your attorney to better represent your interest.

If you fall under the gaze of the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS, they can approach you administratively or via a Grand Jury. Depending on the allegations being made, if it is administrative in nature, the process will be less intrusive. If the investigation is Grand Jury related, the potential for the execution of a search warrant is increased. With a search warrant, the government will take over your home and office, seize your records and image your computers to preserve any evidence of wrongdoing.

Your attorney will need the same records to defend you. Therefore, initially, you must have your computers imaged, and your attorney will negotiate with the IRS to access the paper records seized.

Benefits of partnering with Sage Investigations:

  • Help battle against the IRS
  • The foresight of potential criminal problems directed towards you
  • Gain inside knowledge and understanding of the IRS Criminal Investigation procedures to help you prevail
  • Help you understand what actions the IRS will be taking
  • Help you understand the relationship between your accounting system, books and records, and your return
  • Use our IRS Criminal Investigative knowledge, training, and experience to identify financial patterns to benefit you
  • Identify mitigating factors
  • Consult with you and keep you informed about the status and activities or inactivity’s of the IRS
  • Eliminate surprises through financial investigation
  • Have a deep understanding of witnesses and the evidence available against you
  • Secure handling and sharing of evidence
  • Save you time and money by inventorying and organizing records to allow access and control of the evidence in preparation for meetings with the government or use in a trial
  • Better representation by your attorney

Either through consulting or an investigation, we can see what you might be too close to seeing.

We Will:

  • Work with your attorney to defend you against the IRS in a criminal matter
  • Enter the case early and move quickly to review your case, the pertinent records, and interview the critical witnesses so that you and your attorney understand what the IRS has that is damaging to your case
  • Identify technical issues that will cause the IRS to discontinue the investigation
  • Look for issues that can mitigate intent and willfulness
  • Provide a computer forensic specialist to image the computers before their continued use
  • Provide scanning services and expertise to determine what needs to be scanned for your defense
  • Capture relevant data in a secure and efficient manner
  • Secure, review, and organize records provided by you and obtained during discovery by your attorney
  • In Form 8300 money laundering matters, determine the false information on the form to help you understand the problem
  • In Structuring matters (Title 31 USC), determine the source of the funds and why the structuring took place
  • Reconcile the tax returns (known income) with business and or personal records to prove the likely source of the funds
  • Utilize advanced forensic financial investigative techniques using DIO to analyze and report information accurately
  • As necessary, prepare reports acceptable by the court using indirect methods formats; net worth, bank deposits, etc.
  • Provide consulting and expert witness reports and testimony

Our Services:


We understand your fears and frustrations concerning the IRS. We will help to minimize your fears and frustrations. We offer a free 20-minute consultation to learn about your situation and determine if we can help you and your attorney. Once we know we can help you, we will identify the basic scope of the investigation and explain to you what is needed and why it is needed for you to have the best possible outcome with the IRS and avoid a possible prison sentence.

Once you secure our services, we will work under the attorney-client privilege with your attorney and confer with him or her to determine how to proceed. We help your attorney accumulate evidence to best defend you. Call us at (512) 659-3179 when you need an ally to battle the IRS. 

Sage can foresee potential criminal problems heading toward you.

  • Discuss with your attorney under the cloak of attorney-client privilege, the activities that lead to the investigation by the IRS
  • Understand the motivation and potential actions of a disgruntled employee (Whistle-blower)
  • Understand the potential for the execution of a financial search warrant by IRS Criminal Investigation
  • Provide computer forensic specialist to image computers so that your attorney will have the evidence that the IRS has
  • Gather copies of records from your accountant prior to IRS subpoenas so that your attorney will have the records necessary to better represent you
  • In the event of a seizure of records, Sage will access and scan the pertinent records needed for your defense on behalf of you and your attorney

We Will Help You Save Money By:

  • Having information at your attorney’s fingertips
  • Providing your attorney a timeline that gives an accurate picture of meaningful evidence, witnesses, and exhibits
  • Efficiently managing evidence through litigation support
  • Providing you and your attorney information for decision making

Financial Investigations and Analysis

When Sage does a financial investigation and analysis, we provide you with an accurate, detailed summary of the financial information about your activities. This allows you to have the knowledge needed to make the best possible decision.

Sage has developed a proprietary technology to analyze complex financial data quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Call us at (512) 659-3179 when you want an advantage over the IRS. 

We Will:

  • Eliminate surprises through financial investigation (i.e., income or employment tax, structuring money laundering, and Form 8300)
  • Develop accurate facts to build a winning case
  • Provide a better understanding of the IRS Procedures to help your client prevail
  • Use our IRS Criminal Investigative knowledge, training, and experience to identify financial patterns
  • Help battle against the IRS
  • Provide consulting and expert witness reports and testimony

DIO Technology

Sage has a proprietary software database named DIO. DIO is an advanced technology that enables you to analyze complex financial data quickly, easily, and efficiently. DIO uses Optical Character Recognition that can analyze client records to aid in defending them before the IRS. DIO technology aids in conducting the financial investigation of bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and credit card accounts and follows the money quickly, easily, and efficiently. DIO can report in a source and application format or in various indirect methods of reporting income. The speed and accuracy of DIO is above all the rest and will aid in reconciling returns to records, generate evidence-based reports, and allow better decisions in less than half the time. Call us at (512) 659-3179 when you want to save time and money. 

Sage is a Win-Win That Will:

  • Save you time
  • Helps your attorney better represent you
  • Obtain more accurate information faster

Witness Interview

Sage provides your attorney with the value of timely and in-depth witness interviews and the acquisition of relevant documents in criminal and civil matters, thus allowing you to understand the evidence available against you.

Sage asks objective questions Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How Much to fully develop the testimony of the witness? Sage takes copious notes of interviews and renders them into a memorandum of the interview, and delivers this information to your attorney in a timely manner. Call us at (512) 659-3179 when you need effective witness interviews. 

We Will:

  • Research and locate witnesses across the country
  • Conduct timely and in-depth interviews
  • Render a memorandum of the interview
  • Develop defenses to intent and willfulness allegations
  • Assist in developing the evidence into an accurate picture


We provide expert testimony and assist your defense attorney for his cross-examination of the government’s summary witness, and if necessary, testify as the defense’s summary or expert witness. Call us at (512) 659-3179 when you need an advantage. 

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