Tax Attorney Testimonials

“I have been working with Ed Martin for over two years in a criminal income tax case which involved complex financial matters. During that time, I found Mr. Martin to understand the financial records in a way that I was unable to. He was very meticulous in his reports to me and was an incredible asset to the firm. His experience and professional approach were incredible assets in the process.”

Wayne Meissner, Attorney At Law
Fitzgerald & Meissner
Austin, Texas

“Mr. Martin is diligent, efficient, compassionate, and extremely professional. Ed is a guy you want in your corner!! He gave me great advice and led me in the right direction to assure my needs were met. His experience dealing with the IRS, one of the most convoluted governmental institutions, is worth double his hourly fee, EASILY! Ed went above and beyond to see my injustice went corrected. I offer my recommendation of Ed to anyone who has been wronged financially, personally, or who is just in need of a world class P.I. Thank you, Ed.”

Joshua Elbaum

“I have worked closely with Ed Martin, the principal in Sage Investigations, as both a federal prosecutor and civil trial attorney for almost twenty-five years. The investigations he performs are thorough and complete. His reputation for honesty and integrity is above reproach. He is an intelligent, articulate and experienced witness. I have no hesitation referring him to my fellow attorneys and clients for investigative services.”

Carl Pierce, Attorney At Law
Wright & Greenhill PC

“Professional, competent, dedicated, diligent and loyal. These words that offer a straightforward description of Ed Martin, the man and the professional investigator. The cases I’ve worked on with Ed have offered a rare opportunity to collaborate and strategize with a colleague of unsurpassed integrity and professional experience. I offer my wholehearted recommendation of Ed to anyone wanting to engage the highest quality of professionalism to further their business, financial or personal interests.”

Henry J. Novak, Attorney At Law
Former Assistant United States attorney
and 25-year civil, business litigation practitioner

“I have known Ed for about 25 years and had the privilege to work closely with him, when I was a federal prosecutor and Ed was a Special Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. During my sixteen-year career as a federal prosecutor, I had the opportunity to work with Special Agents from almost all of the Federal Agencies and throughout many different parts of the country and I can tell you that Ed was one of the best of the very best. His investigations are thorough and complete. His reputation for honesty and integrity is excellent. He is an extremely hard worker and also is a great witness at the time of trial. I would highly recommend him to my fellow attorneys and clients for investigative services.”

Jack O’Donnell, Attorney At Law
Gray & Becker PC

“Sage Investigations is a “One Stop Shop” offering everything you need to conduct a financial investigation, expeditiously, efficiently, and accurately. Accordingly, I recommend Ed Martin and his staff to any and all former or retired financial criminal investigators requiring input and analysis of financial records.

When I needed to analyze thousands of bank transactions over 5 years through 11 separate accounts at multiple banks Ed Martin and Jason Slick use their DIO technology to input the records, present the transactions in a Source and Application format; in addition to a format that I placed in an Excel Table where I could query custom sorts and filters. With Sage Investigations’ work product, I was able to “follow the money” and present clear concise findings during trial.

I look forward to my next opportunity to work with Sage Investigations.”

Andre Noisette, President
A Noisette, LLC

“Martin was in charge of the massive evidence and witness lists — the natural one for the job, as he had an unusual ability to stay focused on the big picture and yet keep scrupulous track of the smallest detail. This could be seen in his interviews alone — he had to remember what a skittish witness was saying without taking notes, establish rapport, steer the interview where it needed to go, remember what to ask, evaluate the answers and check them mentally against other tiny details, decide what to not ask, time questions effectively, be mindful of the person’s rights and what was legal, take cues from what was happening around him, know what might be evidence and pursue it — and then coordinate all the information from documents and informants with the prosecutor, the FBI, the Dallas detectives, his bosses, and the rules of evidence.”

Ann Seaman, Author

“After a quarter century as an investigative journalist, I’ve worked with the good, the bad and the very ugly. Without equivocation, I can say that I’ve never come across an investigator who can match Ed Martin’s skills. He’s world class and he can do it all. As his Cajun brethren might say – You ain’t gonna find a better houn’ dawg.”

Ted Dracos, Author