Family Law Services


Maximize your client’s divorce settlement with Sage Investigations’ financial forensics, investigative skills, knowledge, and proprietary technology, DIO. We have an understanding of the Family Code and case law. In addition, we have the ability to perform tracing as required by the Family Code of bank and brokerage accounts to determine separate and community property. We use best practices when we do tracings. When Sage does a financial investigation and analysis, we provide you with an accurate, detailed summary of the financial information about your client’s activities. The Sage Investigations team gives you the advantage.

We provide family law attorneys with a free 20-minute consultation to learn about their clients’ case and determine if we can help. Once we know we can help, we identify the basic scope of the investigation and explain what is needed and why it is needed to obtain the best possible outcome for your client. Once you secure our services, we will work with you under the attorney work product. We are here to help.

Divorce proceedings often involve complex financial matters, making it crucial to comprehensively understand the parties’ assets, debts, and income. Our forensic accounting plays a vital role in these cases. Our skill and expertise in financial investigations and analysis provide invaluable assistance in helping you obtain the best possible settlement for your client going through a divorce. We ensure a fair and equitable division of marital property by uncovering hidden assets, evaluating financial data, and providing expert testimony.

As you know, a common challenge in divorce cases is one party attempting to conceal assets to protect them from being divided fairly. We are adept at uncovering these hidden assets, assessing their value, and ensuring they are included in the settlement negotiations. We analyze financial statements, bank records, tax returns, and other evidence through detailed forensic investigations to identify irregularities or discrepancies that could indicate concealed assets. By employing sophisticated techniques such as data analysis and tracing funds, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of full financial transparency.


We are not only involved in uncovering hidden assets and evaluating financial data; we can also provide expert witness testimony during court proceedings. Our objective analysis and professional opinions carry immense weight in litigation. We bolster your case and increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome by presenting evidence and providing clear explanations in a language understandable to legal professionals and the judge.

We lend our expertise during settlement negotiations, working closely with you to provide support and guidance. We can also assist with cross-examining witnesses in a deposition. We help you negotiate from a position of strength by demonstrating a thorough understanding of the financial complexities involved. We provide valuable insights into the long-term consequences of different settlement options and aid in crafting strategies that maximize your client’s financial position.


Sage provides you with the value of timely and in-depth witness interviews and the acquisition of relevant documents, thus allowing you to understand the evidence. Sage asks objective questions Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How Much to fully develop the witnesses’ testimony. Sage takes copious notes of interviews and promptly renders them in the format you request.


  • Research and locate witnesses across the country
  • Conduct timely and in-depth interviews
  • Become your extra eyes toward solving any issuesthat appear
  • Developing the evidence into an accurate picture


DIO is Sage’s proprietary software that empowers our team to provide you with a better, smarter, and more accurate analysis. Our advanced technology enables us to analyze your complex financial data quickly, easily, and efficiently. It changes the dynamics of the investigation from paper and spreadsheets to a database application. It aids in conducting the financial investigation of bank and brokerage accounts and credit card accounts. DIO can report in a source and application format or various indirect methods. With speed and accuracy, DIO generates evidence-based reports and allows you to make better decisions in less than half the time.


  • Review of records to look for concealed assets
  • Have an actual value of marital assets
  • Prepared analyses of bank accounts and brokerage accounts to determine separate and community property
  • Help you understand your client’s complete financial picture
  • Accuracy and completeness of information
  • Save you time and money by inventorying and organizing records to allow access and control of the evidence in preparation for meetings or use in trial
  • We provide expert testimony that carries weight
  • Negotiate from a position of strength
  • Eliminate surprises through a full financial investigation
  • The best outcome for your client


  • Having information at your fingertips
  • Providing you with a timeline that gives an accurate picture of meaningful evidence, witnesses, and exhibits
  • Efficiently manage evidence through litigation support
  • Provide you with information for decision-making
  • Provide more accurate information faster
  • Reduce the cost of tracing


  • Work with you to build your client’s case
  • Enter the case early and move quickly to review the case, request pertinent records, and interview the critical witnesses so that you better understand the complexities of the case
  • Aid in preparing discovery requests for records
  • Identify issues that can help with the early settlement of the case
  • Discuss problems that could potentially impact the matters, including the inception of title, conditional or unconditional gifts, tracing of separate and community property, and income
  • Provide computer forensic specialists to image computers and cell phones so that you have the evidence that benefits your client
  • Gather copies of records from the client’s accountant for use in reconciling the tax returns to the books and in finding concealed assets
  • Capture relevant data in a secure and efficient manner
  • Review and analyze accounting records to follow the money in personal and business activities
  • Assist in preparation for deposition to make sure the proper questions are asked of the other party or other witnesses
  • Stay aware of income tax ramifications that may develop in the divorce process and be prepared to aid in the preparation of forms to prove an “Innocent Spouse”
  • Utilize advanced forensic financial investigative techniques using DIO to analyze and report information accurately
  • Prepare summary reports of voluminous records acceptable by the court when necessary
  • Provide expert witness reports and testimony

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