Why Sage Investigations is Your Trusted Forensic Accounting Team

Do you need to follow the money? Unfortunately, fraud and asset misappropriation are common in all businesses, regardless of size. In fact, studies show that 57% of fraud is committed by company insiders, with employee theft costing businesses nearly $50 billion each year. Not to mention that fraud in divorces and family disagreements can also be a prevalent problem.

When it comes to shedding light on the truth, you want to have a trusted forensic accounting team on your side. After all, bringing a fraud claim to court relies on having accurate and reliable data standing behind you.

In this article, we’ll outline why Sage Investigations, LLC should be your trusted provider, including discussions on the benefits and power of our proprietary software. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our team members.

Why is Sage Investigations a Leading Provider of Forensic Accounting Services?

At Sage Investigations, we pair our professional knowledge with disruptive technology to provide you with innovative and accurate analysis of your financial situation. This is done through our proprietary DIO software.

We developed our DIO software with your best interests in mind. This advanced technology saves you money, keeps your information secure, and leads to more accuracy on all fronts.

With powerful software working alongside us, our team can analyze, audit, and draw conclusions on a wide variety of cases, including theft, embezzlement, income tax evasion, money laundering, vendor fraud, derivative lawsuits, and tracing separate property.

We don’t limit our knowledge to specific industries. In fact, we welcome all challenges and are willing to work with you to generate evidence-based reports that allow you to make better decisions.

How Can You Benefit from Our Forensic Accounting Investigation Services?

Our forensic accounting investigation services are designed to fit your needs, with our team ready to tackle whatever that entails. Here are a few benefits that you can expect when partnering with Sage Investigations:

Fast, Reliable Services

Fraud cases often operate on a tight schedule, with the statute of limitations and other factors coming into play. Our team prioritizes quick reports and data generation without sacrificing quality.

Our proprietary software allows us to make changes per lawyer recommendations and rerelease reports in minutes instead of weeks. Odds are you don’t want your case to be dragging on for months.

Cost Effective Solutions

Utilizing technology to complete the grunt work saves you money without compromising the integrity of our report. Instead of digging through dozens of boxes of paper filings, we can turn to our DIO software to quickly search for items, significantly reducing the manpower and hours associated with your case.

Expanded Insights

Bringing an open and closed fraud case to court relies on having insights outside of standard pivot tables and algorithms. Instead, you need data science and software modeling designed for advanced organization and precision. We use our DIO software as a resource to help our team analyze your situation on both a micro and macro level.

Expert Testimony

We stand behind our work, which is why our team can testify as expert witnesses in a court setting. Having an expert witness present the facts and money trail leads to more credibility and clarification on complex topics.

Understanding the Process of DIO

So, how does DIO really work? First, our team enters all the relevant data, including statements and check images and reconciles to the respective balances. Then, we import the spreadsheet with all of the data into our Case Management Software. This gives us the ability to complete the following tasks:

  • Organize transactions between money accounts and chart of account classifications.
  • Trace the movement of financial assets.
  • Add investigator notes on pdf images.
  • Mass search to classify and organize bulk data.
  • Convert hard copies of documents to virtual evidence.
  • Run Benford’s Law on each account.
  • Create reports, such as Sources and Uses or Indirect Method of Proof.
  • Generate a comprehensive web of data and support for your case.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the forensic accounting of your situation, which is why we tailor all services to fit your case needs. Do you have a unique project? Reach out to see how our trusted and qualified team can help.

Why Sage Investigations Outperforms Competitors

With technology on the rise, forensic accountants have been in high demand. This has led to the opening of dozens of businesses, but are they really the right fit for you? When looking for a qualified forensic accountant, there are a few areas you want to consider, all of which Sage Investigations excels in.

  • Education – When it comes to the forensic accounting field, you want to be working with an educated team. This is commonly done through bachelor’s and master’s degrees, both of which are found in Sage Investigations’ team.
  • Experience – Sometimes, experience outweighs education. You don’t want to hire a forensic accountant that has never testified in court or handled your situation. Combined, our team has over 50 years of experience tackling different areas of forensic accounting.
  • Credentials – Courts place heavy emphasis on credentials, like Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Forensic accountants that don’t have the proper credentials might not be able to testify on your behalf as an expert witness. When working with Sage Investigations, you don’t have to worry about this, as our team has a wide variety of credentials.
  • Availability – Odds are your case is time sensitive. You should work with a forensic accountant that has the availability to meet your deadlines without compromising the accuracy or completeness of your information. At Sage Investigations, we only take on cases that we have the availability for, ensuring you are our priority.

Other factors you should evaluate include prior customers’ reviews, prices, and services offered. Sage Investigations excels on all fronts, providing you with comprehensive, insightful, and timely forensic accounting services.

Ready to Get Started?

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