DIO Technology

Transforming Your Investigation from Weeks or Months to Days

DIO is Sage’s proprietary software that empowers our team to provide you a better, smarter, and more accurate analysis. It is our advanced technology that enables us to analyze your complex financial data quickly, easily, and efficiently. It changes the dynamics of the investigation from paper and spreadsheets to a database application. It aids in conducting the financial investigation of bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and credit card accounts and follows the money quickly, easily, and efficiently. DIO can report in a source and application format or various indirect methods. With speed and accuracy, DIO generates evidence-based reports and allows you to make better decisions in less than half the time.

DIO Is a Win-Win That Will:

  • Save you time
  • Keep your data secure and confidential
  • Keep your data for analysis and reporting in the United States
  • Obtain more accurate information faster

DIO saves time and money in processing and reporting your data. It organizes financial data without the tedious input of data to a worksheet program. In addition, it has reporting capabilities that link to exhibits.

Using our services, a company or an attorney can decrease the number of man-hours of investigative time by moving some of the workload to DIO. Formatted data is returned, including images of the documentation linked directly to each transaction that can then be referenced without digging through boxes of paperwork.


  • Tracing of financial assets
  • Cost-efficient data entry
  • Hard copy converted to virtual evidence
  • Digital document organization
  • Exhibit references & Bates Numbering
  • Benford’s Law Statistical Test
  • Indirect methods of proof
  • Fuzzy search and sort tools
  • Reports of case evidence in excel format


In a recent use of DIO in a Divorce financial asset tracing case, Sage analyzed five years of bank statements for four small businesses with accompanying checks and deposit slips that generated 12,469 transactions in an Excel workbook.  The analysis provided contained the date, check number, payee, the deposit amount, notations on the checks or deposit slips, and an exhibit reference. The analysis provided also reconciled the running balance for the account and classifications for each transaction.  The transactions were analyzed to detect fraud by the Benford’s law statistical test. The exhibit reference was linked to the actual PDF, which was viewable from the workbook by selecting the exhibit. All of this was done electronically with a human assistance in 55.25 hours / 225 transactions per hour.

If a human did this volume of input, they would average less than two lines per minute continuously from a bank statement costing a minimum of $50 per hour.  This process would not include artificial intelligence (AI), search for funds transferred between accounts, exhibit references and linking to transactions, bates numbering, Benford’s law statistical test, and fuzzy search capability as done through DIO. With DIO, the data was compiled faster, saved the client on cost, and was more accurate.

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