Financial Litigation Support


Sage Investigations follows the money and provides financial litigation support, consulting, and private investigations to help plaintiff and defense attorneys defend their clients. We provide financial litigation support in criminal and civil fraud in Federal and State court.

At the Federal level, we handle income tax, money laundering, Form 8300 matters, structuring, racketeering influence, and the Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

At the State level, Sage provides financial litigation support, including theft, embezzlement, vendor fraud, derivative suits, and tracing separate property. Sage understands the investigative process and what evidence needs to be developed to help defend a client against fraud allegations.

We specialize in forensic accounting and look beyond the numbers to look at the reality of the matter utilizing our proprietary software, DIO, to obtain accurate information of multiple bank and brokerage accounts, cash, and credit cards.

Our services involve tracing, following the money, and developing the evidence to verify the findings. We prepare damage calculations for lost money. We help obtain and present evidence against fraud allegations. During the investigation, Sage always prepares with an eye toward presenting the matter to an attorney for the opposing party, in arbitration or the courtroom.

Our Principal and Chief Investigator, Edmond (Ed) Martin, has over 25 years as an IRS Special Agent, 25 years of experience as a forensic accountant and private sector investigator, and expert witness. Due to this experience and expertise, Sage offers a unique perspective to attorneys for the development of the subject’s knowledge or intent of activities. Ed Martin has been involved in many investigations and trials and has testified many times.


  1. Trial experience in Federal and State cases involving financial cases with voluminous records
  2. Preparation for large-scale complex financial litigation in anticipation of trial
  3. Over 50+ years of Forensic Accounting knowledge and experience in complex cases
  4. Secured and organized records to be used by the defense or the plaintiff
  5. Financial litigation support that helps to build a winning defense or plaintiff’s case
  6. Aid in preparing a compelling presentation that paints the picture of the evidence
  7. With knowledge and trial experience, Sage will help to obtain and organize information needed to prove or disprove the matter
  8. Provide tracing analyses in derivative suits and tracing separate property


  1. Secure, review, and organize records obtained during discovery and provided by the client
  2. Suggest other types of discovery or evidence to prove or disprove the matter
  3. Provide Forensic Accounting knowledge and experience
  4. Help develop knowledge and intent where needed in the case
  5. Assist in the preparation for depositions of the subject and key witnesses
  6. Identify additional witnesses and sources of evidence
  7. Provide extensive use of data management strategies through proprietary financial technology (DIO)
  8. Prepare analyses for accuracy and ease of presentation of the facts
  9. Develop a list of witnesses and exhibits
  10. Help develop a demonstrative presentation that paints a picture of the evidence
  11. In income tax matters:
    1. Provide a better understanding of the IRS Procedures to help you prevail
    2. Help you understand your client’s accounting systems and its relationship between the books, the bank accounts, and your client’s tax returns
    3. Use our IRS Criminal Investigative knowledge, training and experience to identify financial patterns and methods of proof
    4. Share our knowledge and understanding concerning the badges of fraud, the rules of evidence and case law
  12. Provide witness interviews, consulting reports, and if necessary, be an expert witness in the matter


  • Save time analyzing financial data through the use of our proprietary financial database technology
  • Obtain more accurate information faster, especially when dealing with multiple bank and brokerage accounts, cash, and credit cards

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