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Corporate Investigations with Forensic Accounting Services

Stop the Financial Bleeding When You Find What You Might Be Overlooking

When it comes to corporate fraud Sage Investigations is your best ally. With over 50 years of combined IRS Special Agent experience, 25 years of private sector investigative experience, and three years as an auditor for Wells Fargo Foothills, our team has the experience and expertise necessary to efficiently and effectively handle internal investigations of a sensitive nature.

With our specialization in forensic accounting Austin Texas and understanding of business functionality, we have the means to conduct internal financial investigations that provide you accurate information when dealing with corporate issues and fraud.

Benefits of partnering with Sage Investigations:

  • Identify and stop fraud
  • Stop financial bleeding
  • Have a better chance of recouping losses
  • Obtain more accurate information faster
  • Proof of the truth
  • Obtain an extra edge that provides an accurate picture of the activities investigated
  • Identify problems and solutions quickly
  • Save time and money through a controlled investigation
  • Strengthen your case

Either through consulting or an investigation, we can see what you might be too close to see.

  • theft of intellectual property
  • breaches of fiduciary duties
  • shareholder derivative suits
  • white-collar crime such as theft and embezzlement
  • construction contract fraud
  • locating of assets hidden to avoid the settlement of judgments

We Will:

  • Develop an investigative plan that follows the activities of employees that helps prove or disprove allegations
  • Assist with understanding if the employee is acting in collusion with another employee
  • Review meaningful records to determine relevant leads
  • Develop the evidence through interviews, observations, and the preservation of documentary and computer evidence
  • Locate and interview previous employees
  • Help you obtain an extra edge by building a timeline that provides an accurate picture of meaningful evidence
  • Prepare a report that will aid in proper decision making
  • Make your decisions easier by having accurate information
  • Assist you in determining if the party is judgment proof

Our Services: 


Sage consults with you and your attorney to develop a work plan to meet the scope of work that you require. Sage conducts the investigation to determine the method and means of the offense through interviewing individuals and analyzing records. After the investigation, Sage issues a report, including recommendations on improving controls within the organization to help protect access to corporate assets. Call us at 512-659-3179 when you need an ally.

Benefits of Having Sage Investigations as a Consultant:

  • Secure and organize records to be used in presenting your case to the District Attorney or to help defend your organization
  • Have a better understanding of your accounting system and the lack of controls
  • Litigation support that helps to build a winning case or a winning defense
  • A compelling presentation that paints the picture of the evidence

We Will:

  • Secure, review, and organize records provided by the client and obtained during discovery
  • Identify additional witnesses and sources of evidence
  • Prepare accurate analyzes for ease of presentation
  • Help develop a demonstrative presentation that paints a picture of the evidence


Sage investigates the matter that concerns you and keeps you up at night. Sage develops a work plan that cuts to the meat of the matter. Sage analyzes necessary records, interviews possible witnesses, and prepares analysis of records and memorandums of interviews. Sage renders its findings in a written report and court testimony as necessary. Call us at 512-659-3179 when you need a professional financial investigation.

Benefits of Having Sage Investigations as an Investigator:

  • Knowledge and experience to help solve complex business problems
  • Knowledge of the flow of information from business records through accounting systems
  • Experienced in litigation support that helps to build a winning case

We Will:

  • Locate witnesses
  • Contact and interview witnesses and obtain important documentation
  • Render notes of an interview into a memorandum or statement
  • Secure, review, and organize records provided by the client and obtained during discovery
  • Prepare analysis for accuracy and ease of presentation
  • Help develop a timeline of activities

Computer Forensics Analysis

Sage has a close relationship with an experienced computer forensic specialist that uses the latest technology to analyze the contents of computers, cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Call us at 512-659-3179 when you need to know what is happening with your sensitive information.

We Will:

  • Evaluate secure the devices for forensic examination
  • Deliver the devices for examination
  • Secure the analysis of the device and an expert report


Sage brings to bare a team of well-trained surveillance specialists to make documented observations. Call us at 512-659-3179 when you need to document activities. 

  • Documented truth of habits, abilities, and actions of individuals
  • Video and still photographs
  • Well written reports

Undercover Operatives

Sage provides undercover operatives to work in your warehouse or shop your restaurant or business for activities that are not beneficial to your corporation. Call us at 512-659-3179 when you need to know what is really happening.

We Will:

  • Obtain still pictures/videos necessary to prove the matter of theft of corporate assets
  • Report our findings in a timely manner

Electronic Countermeasure

Sage has a close relationship with a TSCM (Technical Security Countermeasure) specialist that has the professional equipment and over 22 years of knowledge and experience necessary to determine if your office or residence is under electronic surveillance. Call us at 512-659-3179 when you need to be sure your client’s business environment is free from eavesdropping devices.

We Will:

  • Evaluate the need for a TSCM specialist
  • Coordinate with a TSCM specialist
  • Assist the client in reaching a comfort level

Research and Forensics Analysis

Sage conducts the research necessary to determine the applicable statute related to the unlawful activity being investigated. Sage has a professional relationship with a handwriting and document analysis expert. Call us at 512-659-3179 when you need to know the applicable statute of the unlawful activity being investigated.

We Will:

  • Determine the need for research
  • Coordinate with handwriting and documents experts

Asset Search

Sage has a close relationship with research services across the county to search public records at the courthouse level to determine assets purchased and sold and search for civil and criminal records.

Sage will search for assets that are available for recovery of a judgment or collection of a debt.

Sage will acquire relevant documents allowing our clients to better understand the evidence available.

Sage will build a detailed asset report that provides an accurate picture of the assets found.

Call us at 512-659-3179 when you need to know where the money is. 

We Will:

  • Research assets across the country
  • Assist in the review of records to find hidden assets
  • Render a report to identify hidden assets
  • Assist in locating assets and recovery of judgments

Locate and Interview Witnesses

Sage will research and locate witnesses.

Sage provides clients with the value of timely and in-depth witness interviews.

Sage asks objective questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How Much to fully develop the testimony of the witness? Sage takes copious notes of interviews, renders them into a memorandum of the interview, and delivers this information to our client in a timely manner.

Sage will build a timeline, organized records, and create a witness and exhibit list that provides you an accurate picture, helps eliminate surprises, and saves you time.

Call us at 512-659-3179 when you need effective witness interviews. 

We Will:

  • Research and locate witnesses across the country
  • Conduct timely and in-depth interviews
  • Render a memorandum of the interview
  • Assist in developing the evidence into an accurate picture


Sage provides an expert witness report and expert testimony.

We will assist your attorney with cross-examination of witnesses in deposition or court and if necessary, testify as an expert witness. Call us at 512-659-3179 when you need an advantage.

We Will:

  • Review evidence and prepare a declaration or an affidavit or provide testimony
  • Assist in the cross-examination of witnesses during deposition


Sage has a proprietary software database named DIO. DIO is an advanced technology that enables us to quickly, easily, and efficiently analyze complex financial data needed. DIO technology aids in conducting the financial investigation of bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and credit card accounts and follows the money quickly, easily, and efficiently to identify theft. DIO creates MS Excel reports in a source and application format or various indirect methods of reporting money. The speed and accuracy of DIO are above all the rest and will aid in reconciling returns to records, generate evidence-based reports and allow you to make better decisions in less than half the time. Call us at 512-659-3179 when you need to identify theft in a way that will save you time and money.


  • Save time and money
  • Obtain more accurate information faster
  • Learn the truth

Please call us at 512-659-3179 for a free consultation.