Top 10 reasons why Professional Private Investigators pursuing fraudulent activities should use the services of Cynic Inc

  1. An opportunity to expand your fraud investigation business by allowing us to take care of your back office services, such as, the input of bank, brokerage and credit card data.
  2. Our fraud support services are better, cheaper, and faster than spreadsheet input.
  3. We use high speed scanners, Optical Character Recognition, templates, sophisticated software and all done with the skill, knowledge, education, experienced and training that was gained as a Special Agent working financial crime cases.
  4. We leverage proprietary database technology developed over the past seven years and proven through investigations.
  5. We employ artificial intelligence to identify transfers between accounts.
  6. We offer trained and experienced staff that will build your confidence in the data and in our ability maintain the confidentiality of the data.
  7. We document each transaction by appending electronically the evidence you develop to the related transactions.
  8. We help you improve the delivery of analyzed data to help your client – plaintiff or defendant. (Civil or Criminal)
  9. Our reporting can be in the standard Source and Application of funds or in the indirect methods (criminal tax cases.)
  10. We can import accounting software data to compare against bank account data.

We believe that our service will be a win – win that will aid you in your investigations.

We are offering to 10 qualified firms the opportunity to partner with us and we will waive the onetime $1,500 initiation fee.

We can help you and your firm!

CALL 1-800-286-8140 if you are interested. We have already had a number of calls from interested investigators, CFEs, CPA, and financial investigators to further discuss our services.

Call us NOW 1-800-286-8140 for an appointment and let us help you “Shed light on the Truth!!”