Surviving Burnout and How to Rekindle the Fire

It has been published that some Attorneys have reached a point in their careers where they are burned out and maybe even considering a change of profession. It is known that the COVID-19 months of isolation have taken their toll and have reduced the desire for some attorneys to return to active lawyering. Found in a survey on lawyer mental health by the 2021 American Lawyer Media quoted by Danielle Braff on “Fighting Burnout” of the ABA Journal revealed that 71% of the lawyers experienced anxiety, and 37% were depressed. Lawyers in a Bloomberg Law’s Attorney Workload and Hours survey found that lawyers felt burnout in their jobs 52% of the time, and their well-being worsened in the fourth quarter of 2021. A 2022 survey by the Legal Trends Report revealed that 20% of those surveyed left the profession in the last 12 months.

The good news is that if lawyers utilized the expertise of private investigators and forensic accountants more often, they would have more time to focus on building their businesses and experience less burnout. The other way to help alleviate burnout is to incorporate processes and software systems that streamline their work to have more time to enjoy life.

For the lawyer, just like the investigator, clients are needed to survive. When the lawyer and the investigator have a close working relationship, they can refer business and help each other overcome the economic downturn by working together to benefit clients and better serve the public. Having an experienced investigator or forensic accountant as part of the team can also help lawyers acquire more complex cases, generating more revenue. Is it time for you to develop a close working relationship with a private investigator and forensic account?

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