Robbery by the Silver Tongue Instead of the Silver Pistol

The old style of robbery is resurging but with a different slant. Instead of robbing the bank, they rob the customers or you with a silver tongue in a romance scheme.

Individuals emerging from COVID want the freedom of 2018 – 2019, but things have changed. We are now more familiar with Zoom meetings, online dating, social media, and the desire to make money in the stock market or cryptocurrency. These activities are greatly merging into opportunities for fraud. Therefore, along with freedom comes risks which should cause us to be more suspicious and skeptical about people, our surroundings, and activities until adequately vetted. Women have a certain 6th sense to which they must listen.

Law enforcement has determined that criminals observe people when they go to the bank to withdraw large sums of money and follow them back to their homes or offices to rob them.[1] They also break into their cars, confront them physically, and rob them. With the defunding of police, the public is now being subjected more to these dangerous situations. It is critical for individuals to be aware of their surroundings and to protect themselves. The 911 calls are not as effective as in the past because of understaffing, and police are busy responding in other areas.

As of June 2022, the FTC reported crypto fraud losses [2]that began on social media were investment scams. Since 2021, $575 million of all crypto fraud losses reported to the FTC were about bogus investment opportunities, far more than any other fraud type.

Romance Scams are a distant second to investment scams, with $185 million in reported cryptocurrency losses since 2021 – nearly one in every three dollars reported lost to a romance scam during this period. And many have an investment twist too. These keyboard Casanovas reportedly dazzle people with their supposed wealth and sophistication. Before long, they casually offer tips on getting started with crypto investing and help with making investments.

Bank Jugging: 

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be looking around instead of being on your phone.
  • If you see suspicious persons or vehicles in bank parking lots, go back into the bank, and notify bank personnel, then have someone walk you to your car.
  • Conceal your bank deposit bags, coin boxes, or envelopes as you enter and leave the bank.
  • Take your bank bag or envelope with you to your next destination. Don’t hide it in your vehicle.
  • Avoid falling into routines, such as going to the bank at the same time of day and carrying the same bank bag.
  • After making large withdrawals, don’t go directly to your next destination. Drive around ‘four corners,’ drive through the nearest shopping center to determine if a vehicle is following you. If so, call 911 and drive to your closest police or fire station if you feel you are being followed.

Online Dating: 

  • Do not share personal information and limit all information you disclose, ask more questions than you answer, and do not exchange compromising photographs.
  • Do not leave the dating site to chat on a different platform, such as the text on your phone, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, or any other chat app.
  • Do reverse image searches on Google Image and TinEye Reverse Image Search
  • Run an online background search.
  • Never give out your cell phone or work number. Instead, purchase a cheap cellphone you can dump if you decide to ditch the dating candidate.
  • Create a separate email just for dating. Do not give out your personal or work email.
  • A huge red flag is if the person starts to shower you with, I love you, you are precious to me, etc. This is called “love bombing.” Move on because they are scammers and not for you. If you do not move on, they will begin to talk about money, investing, cryptocurrency,[3] or needing money for various reasons. Remember, trust is earned.
  • Always insist on a video call. If they have any reason why they cannot do a video call or has a static picture instead of a live video call, disconnect immediately. If they come on a video call, ALWAYS ask them to do something in real-time such as sit, stand, show you their watch, etc. If they cannot do this, it is a fake video, and you need to disconnect with this person immediately because they are a scammer. See how scammers use fake videos to trick their victims at
  • Use your 6th sense, and if something seems wrong, it is. Stop communication immediately.
  • Call a Private Investigator to prepare a background if your interest is getting serious. Better to be safe than sorry. After all, it is your money and that of your future heirs.

Fraud is a very serious matter at this time in the United States. Everyone must be on the lookout to help prevent fraud, and fraud awareness and education is the only way to avoid experiences that can destroy you emotionally and financially.

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