How to Simplify Your Complex Divorce Cases

With advances in technology and the growing complexity of global banking and business, numerous new avenues of deceit have been created for swindlers to mask illegal and fraudulent activity. In this digital age, the movement of money between companies, governments, and persons has become easier to do and harder to follow for those responsible for the financial accountability of their corporations and businesses. While technological advances and the world monetary system have been quick, application development for complex financial investigations has been slow to grow. The time has come for the announcement of DIO (short for Diogenes), our proprietary database technology.

Sage Investigations, LLC offers family law attorneys Diogenes (DIO) – software and services for data organization, case management, and reporting. Sage’s proprietary software decreases the time spent on cases from preparation to reporting while increasing the accuracy of data and scope of any complex financial investigations where following the money in divorce asset tracing is essential.

Case Study: Investigations by Sage generally involve boxes of records, including bank, brokerage, credit card statements, and other records of assets and liabilities, which are digitized, organized, and categorized into actionable information usable by DIO. Recently, Sage was retained to help develop evidence to defend a client whose assets, in excess of $2,000,000, were seized for Civil Forfeiture by US Government agencies. Sage found that the use of digital tools such as standard spreadsheets cannot do the job, so DIO was utilized to analyze the income records, bank, brokerage, credit card statements, and related records of several people and entities. DIO’s techniques and tools expedited the data entry process into digital financial data objects. These data objects were exported into the DIO application for the creation of a database that appends the images of the relevant documents for over 25 bank and brokerage accounts. Reporting is in the form of a Sources and Uses Statement and other IRS CI-approved indirect methods of proof. Using Sage as a partner in the defense decreases the initial tedious workload for you and affords your client a more reasonable cost for compiling the data in a workable format. It also affords your client the expertise of forensic accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners. In the long run, using DIO increases your potential caseload, increasing your firm’s profits.

DIO Features:

  • Integrated financial data object translators.
  • Interfaces for manual data entry and organization.
  • Ability to follow the movement of money between accounts.
  • Classification of every transaction as a whole or in pieces.
  • Capability to add notes and link transactions into groups.
  • True dual-screen interface.
  • Intuitive recommendations for data organization.
  • Advanced search tools, including fuzzy searching features.
  • Images of documentation for every transaction.
  • Backup and Restore features for case management

If you are faced with a complex financial investigation for a divorce, contact Sage Investigation, LLC. DIO is waiting to help you process the case data and assist you in defending your client. DIO can help you follow the money and advance the development of your case.

Sage Investigations, LLC is available to assist Family Law Attorneys in meeting the needs of their clients. We have over 50 years of experience in private investigation, forensic accounting, and Expert witnesses. Contact Chief Investigator Edmond Martin of Sage Investigations, LLC to build a relationship at 512-659-3179 or email him at Let his 26 years as an IRS Special Agent and 21 years of Private Investigation work benefit you and your clients. We look forward to hearing from you and building a solid relationship you can count on. Visit our website at Sageinvestigations.ComClick to read about the Sage Team and their CVs.