Do You Need a “Business Fraud” Forensic Accounting Expert Witness?

Edmond (Ed) Martin from Sage Investigations brings insight, understanding, integrity, and professional objectives with no bias.

  • Knowledge
  • Training
  • Accounting degree
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Experience

With Ed’s knowledge and skills developed over 50+ years as an investigator, the US Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division, and in private investigation and forensic accounting, he developed the ability to assimilate voluminous records in criminal and civil matters into an objective report for the court or an arbitration judge. His knowledge and experience derived from criminal investigations and investigative accounting training allow him to be well-positioned as an Expert Witness in financial matters involving following money, such as; oil & gas limited partnerships fraud and Ponzi schemes, embezzlement, investment scams, shareholder derivative suits, vendor fraud and embezzlement, partnership theft, advanced fee schemes, and real estate hard money lending cases.

Ed Will:

  1. Assimilate the client’s information, prepare analyses and assemble a report
  2. Communicate findings in an Expert Witness Report which reference exhibits and the documents supporting the facts, opinions, and conclusions
  3. Asist in preparing visual aids to support trial evidence
  4. Aid in the review of the report of the opposing expert
  5. Assist in legal proceedings, including testifying in arbitration or court as an expert witness

Benefits of Using Ed Martin as an Expert Witness:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the court process
  • Forensic Accounting knowledge and experience in large-scale financial cases
  • Thorough review and analysis of evidence
  • Aid in securing additional evidence and testimony and organization of records
  • Preparation of a detailed forensic report of facts, opinions, and conclusions
  • Reporting of complex matters in an easy to comprehend presentation
  • Sage has developed and utilizes a proprietary technology called DIO to analyze complex financial data quickly, easily, and efficiently.

When You Need a Business Fraud Forensic Accounting Expert Witness, Call Ed Martin at 512-659-3179.