Interviewing Defendants in Federal Criminal Cases

Successfully interviewing defendants in Federal criminal cases requires specialized skills and instincts. Sage investigators possess both. We put 26 plus years of experience as an IRS Special Agent work for you and your client to make sure we get what we need to get you what you need.

The Sage investigator will attend the initial interview to begin building rapport, gathering information, taking detailed notes, and assessing the client’s truthfulness. At this interview the Sage investigator negotiates a written contract that clarifies the investigation scope, reporting requirements, and details of the attorney work product rule; he will also request a retainer.

Preparation is crucial, and prior to the next interview the Sage investigator will extensively review the notes and outline the important areas to cover. He will review the anticipated criminal charges and analyze the elements of proof. For example: from the “IRS Special Agent’s Manual”:

Evasion of Tax requires a willful attempt to evade or defeat any tax due and owing.  Filing false returns requires the making and subscribing a return statement or other document under penalty of perjury, knowledge that it is not true and correct as to every material matter and willfulness.  Mail Fraud requires use of the mail for the purpose of executing or attempting to execute the scheme or artifice with the intent to deprive another of property or honest services via the mail.  Money Laundering requires a financial transaction to be conducted or attempted, the knowledge that the property represents proceeds of a specifically unlawful activity, and willful intent.

The Sage investigator will conduct meetings in a place that is comfortable for the client and free from distractions. The investigator will ensure protection of attorney client privilege by prohibiting non-essential individuals from attending the meetings. Our investigator’s goal is to obtain details and clarification in follow-up to the general information provided in the initial interview and to explore the elements of the offenses being considered by the government. He will document in writing all statements and clarification of salient points. Sage investigators transcribe their notes into fully referenced investigative reports, which are provided to the attorney for review.

Sage Investigations specializes in financial cases – those that require financial analysis and delving into the financial life of client or company. Former investigative training and experience with IRS Criminal Investigation allows Sage to use ingrained questioning techniques and to get answers to objective questions:  Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Much, which allows the client to answer questions in their own words.

When you need an effective detailed interview of a witness, call Sage Investigations at 512-659-3179 put our unparalleled experience as an IRS Special Agent work for you and your client.