Sage Investigations Awarded United States Fraud Investigator 2015

Sage Investigations, LLC Founder, Edmond Martin Awarded United States Fraud Investigator of the year for 2015 by Wealth and Finance Magazine.

Wealth and Finance Magazine awarded Edmond Martin, Founder of Sage Investigations, LLC, Fraud Investigator of the Year for 2015 for the United States. It is with great pride that Sage Investigations, LLC accepted this award for, “possessing the talent needed to accomplish the scope of our work.”

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Wealth and Finance Magazine Article

Sage Investigations provides fraud investigative services to six distinct markets: Tax Attorneys, Business and Corporate Attorneys, Estate and Probate Attorneys, CPAs, and Individuals. Within those markets, Sage represents their clients in civil and criminal matters involving fraud, embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, and business disputes that involve following money trails and developing evidence to prove the client’s case on the plaintiff or defense mode.

Our knowledge, skills, training, and experience can reduce the impact of fraud, or as necessary, determine the extent of fraud and provide the client with the options they may consider necessary or appropriate in resolving the matter.

As a dedicated fraud investigator, it was a great honor to accept Wealth and Finance Magazine’s award as the 2015 Leading Fraud Investigator, which is recognized worldwide. We bring the talent needed to accomplish the scope of our work. Our team of former IRS Criminal Investigators, Certified Public Accountants, and former FBI investigators, are fully committed to doing the best job for our clients and providing results that reflect the truth. We prepare a plan of action and proceed to access the records that allow us to quickly analyze financial matters in a variety of cases. Our cases have ranged from $500,000 to millions of dollars in revenue. Our expertise has developed over 50+ years in the area of fraudulent schemes (Ponzi schemes, vendor fraud, and sophisticated theft schemes) that once the money is traced, the extent of the scheme comes into focus. The investigations include securities in the form of foreign currency exchange, oil and gas limited partnerships, and real estate deeds of trust and promissory notes.

At Sage Investigations, our team has a clear mission in mind. Our investigations firm is:

  • Dedicated to serving our clients nationally, to help them navigate the difficulties of dealing with the IRS, and other complex (forensic) financial fraud investigations both civil and criminal;
  • Precise in our focus, narrowing in on our primary strengths of following the money, we steer our knowledge, skills, and experience to financial issues;
  • Committed to helping our clients propel their case forward by assisting in the review, acquisition, and organization of financial records, interviewing witnesses, evaluating the elements of their case, and helping to create winning strategies;
  • Consistently integrating technology to the advantage of our client with the use of advanced proprietary financial investigative technology to analyze complex financial data quickly, easily, and efficiently, saving our clients’ time and money.

Sage Investigation’s Values are Second to None

Sage handles all cases with altruism, professionalism, honesty, integrity, passion, and respect. When you hire Sage, you hire a team of professionals with skill, knowledge, and experience that ensures you have effective solutions. We are innovative with our “DIO” cutting edge technology, and perform every investigation in an orderly and organized manner to develop a clear investigative roadmap and deliver a quality Fraud Investigator 2015 work product. The compass that guides our team is strong leadership and accountability.

Our experienced team of investigators understands that confidentiality and discretion are essential to your businesses’ investigation. Businesses must ensure matters are properly handled to avoid impacting someone unjustly by making an accusation that is unfounded or inaccurate. In addition, most business entities do not want to be exposed to negative publicity so losses that are found must be handled to protect the name of the company. Generally, all of these actions are done in concert with the corporate counsel.

We provide support for businesses suspecting fraud by creating an action plan, conducting an investigation, interviewing witnesses and reviewing records, offering surveillance services, following the money trail and determining weaknesses in internal controls. This agreed upon plan and subsequent services allows the business leader to know what took place so that they can make informed decisions and implement better internal controls to prevent the reoccurrence of fraud within their business environment.

Minimizing Damaging Allegations

Generally, when fraud is found in a business, the fraud has existed for a long period (months or years) and like an iceberg, we need to look below the surface to determine the extent of the fraud and if there is collusion in the organization.Understanding the flow of money through records, we can quickly identify the pattern and extent of the fraud. Once the fraud has been identified, the perpetrators can be prosecuted or sued civilly and the lost assets can potentially be recovered.We also offer business valuation services for litigation and tax purposes to allow our client to better understand the loss incurred by the misappropriation or theft of funds. We provide expertise for the client in the handling of the income tax consequences of a theft or fraud and as necessary, the filing or amending of income tax returns.

Our staff is prepared to testify as an expert witness to either the misappropriation or theft and to the extent of damages caused by the misappropriation or theft.