Financial Investigations and Analysis

When Sage does a financial investigation and analysis, we provide you with an accurate summary of the detailed financial information about your client’s activities. This allows you to have the knowledge needed to best represent your client.

When it comes to the civil and criminal procedures of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for income tax matters, money laundering matters (18 USC 1956 and 1957), Form 8300 violations (26 USC 6050I) and Structuring (31 USC 5324),  Sage Investigations is your best ally. With over 25 years as an IRS Special Agent, we know the ins and outs of the IRS and have the experience and expertise necessary to efficiently and effectively follow the money in complex financial investigations. We have the means to help you analyze financial data faster, which will allow you to better represent your client’s interest while serving more clients and increasing your profitability.

Benefits of Using Sage Investigations:

  • Inside knowledge of IRS Criminal Investigation procedures.
  • Forensic Accounting knowledge and experience.
  • Secure and organized records to be used by the defense.
  • Litigation support that helps to build a winning defense.
  • A compelling presentation that paints the picture of the evidence.

Sage has developed a proprietary technology to analyze complex financial data quickly, easily and efficiently.

We Will:

  • Eliminate surprises through financial investigation (i.e. income or employment tax, structuring money laundering, and Form 8300).
  • Develop accurate facts to build a winning case.
  • Help battle against the IRS.
  • Provide a better understanding of the IRS Procedures to help you prevail.
  • Help you understand your client’s accounting systems and its relationship between the books, the bank accounts and your client’s tax returns.
  • Use our IRS Criminal Investigative knowledge, training and experience to identify financial patterns.
  • Share our knowledge and understanding concerning the badges of fraud, the rules of evidence and case law.
  • Provide consulting and expert witness reports and testimony.

DIO Is a Win-Win That Will:

  • Save you time
  • Obtain more accurate information faster
  • Enjoy larger profit per case