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DIO is an advanced technology that enables us to analyze complex financial data efficiently. It saves you time and provides more accurate information faster. DIO aids in conducting the financial investigation of bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and credit card accounts and follows the money quickly, easily and efficiently.

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Sage consults with attorneys defending Federal matters involving income tax investigations, money launderings and structuring investigations. Sage understands what it takes to investigate and help defend a client against Medicare fraud allegations. At the state level, Sage consults with plaintiff attorneys on white collar theft cases including embezzlement and construction fraud.

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When Sage does a financial investigation and analysis, we provide you with an accurate summary of the detailed financial information about your client's activities. This allows you to have the knowledge needed to best represent your client. Eliminate surprises through financial investigation (i.e. income or employment tax, structuring money laundering, and Form 8300). Develop accurate facts to build a winning case. Help battle against the IRS.

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Case Studies

Please take the time to read our case studies so you have a clear understanding how we can help you. Learn how; the IRS declined to recommend prosecution; how alleged structuring was dismissed; how an innocent man was acquitted of money laundering (8300 Form); where embezzlement was discovered; how a company was repaid; and how theft by controller was confirmed.

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Ed Martin was my Forensic Accounting Expert in an embezzlement case in Caldwell County. I appreciate the way he thoroughly converted raw data into an easily understandable summary–one that I could understand, but more importantly, a presentation which was understood by the jury. The total package–development and testimony before a jury–was professional from start to finish.

Tom Garner, Special Prosecutor, Caldwell County

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