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Call 512-659-3179
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Sage consults with attorneys defending Federal matters involving income tax investigations, money launderings and structuring investigations.  Sage understands what it takes to investigate and help defend a client against Medicare fraud allegations. At the state level, Sage consults with plaintiff attorneys on white collar theft cases including embezzlement and construction fraud.

Benefits of Having Sage Investigations as a Consultant:

  • Inside knowledge of IRS Criminal Investigation procedures.
  • Forensic Accounting knowledge and experience.
  • Secure and organized records to be used by the defense.
  • Litigation support that helps to build a winning defense.
  • A compelling presentation that paints the picture of the evidence.

We Will:

  • Secure, review and organize records provided by the client and obtained during discovery.
  • Forensic Accounting knowledge and experience.
  • Identify additional witnesses and sources of evidence.
  • Prepare analysis for accuracy and ease of presentation.
  • Help develop a demonstrative presentation that paints a picture of the evidence.

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